In the age of cutthroat competition, the youth and adult of the day suffer from various types of tensions, conflicts and phobias. The impact of western Culture has added to the woes of the youth and has caused a lot of confusions. Consequently our cultural heritage, social skills and moral values suffered a downward spiral. The youth needs to get rid of these influences and the school is the best place to help the youth to overcome these hurdles. We have proper arrangements for counseling and guidance. Wherein a qualified counselor interacts with students at regular intervals in groups or/and individually to help them solve their problems. Also career counseling is provided to help the students choose professional lines appropriate to their aptitude and interest. Parents point of view is given utmost consideration, we depend on them for feed back, on general and personal problems. Principal and teachers render professional service for educational and emotional improvement of students.
MS. Shaina Vinayak (COUNSELOR)